About Abramo


Being a global business partner in order to increase the competitive advantage of clients by promoting the culture and values ​​One Company.


Offering integrated solutions provide highly skilled people and use the best available technologies in the market.

Create the best Customer Experience, maximizing the value of the contact, applying the best international practices.

Our values

We always put our customers first, serving them in a highly, professional and unpretentious way. We’re perceived as competent, helpful, kind, fun and modest.

We’re a multinational, diverse team, we care for each other like the members of a family, and we have lots of fun at work while respecting and valuing each other’s differences.

We always strive to grow personally and to help our collegues to grow. To enable this growth, we frequently seek and give meaningful and constructive feedback and coaching.

We trust each other because we always tell the truth and always openly stand up for what we believe in. We always act responsibly towards our team and our company.

We’re optimists, we love change and we always look for new ways to do things better, at the individual level, at the team level and at the company level.

Our Services with top Quality

Operational management

Professional and specialized focusing on results and quality.

Our Campus

Technology centers and constant learning

Expert in BPM

Proven experience in process improvement


Better skills and higher pay!

Excellence in PBO

Customer experience management supporting and valuing the relationship with efficiency

Multimedia service channels

Voice, electronic Call, Chat, Email, SMS and Fax

Proven experience of our target groups

Air Transport

Financial and Banking


Public administration





Some facts about Abramo Do Brasil

Revenue in Millions

Million of contacts


Spoken languages

Abramo around the world

We operate in 4 countries

Germany Berlin, Germany
Italy Several locations in Italy
(Roma, Crotone, Catanzaro, Settingiano, Cosenza, Lamezia Terme, Palermo)
Albania Tirane, Albania
Brazil São Caetano do Sul, Brazil

with 23 languages spoken

English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Croatian, Serb, Macedonian, Albanian, Greek, Arab (local), Polish, Romanian, and more

Quality certification

Our quality management system is designed to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining alignment with the requirements of quality certification standards of our services and products.

Quality Management System

Environment Guardianship Management System

Workers Safety and Health Management System

Service Certification Digital Care(Social Network Caring)